Real yoga for real people.


Slow down. Breathe. Connect.

Seed Yoga is a space where movement and stillness are woven together to encourage self-awareness, healing and mindfulness. Our classes and workshops are designed to nurture a conscious and connected relationship with your body and mind. Designed for children and adults, our small, intimate classes mean you will always get the personalised care you need from your teacher to feel supported on your yoga journey.


“We carry the seeds of happiness with us wherever we go.”

- Martha Washington


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Set in a peaceful retreat, we have classes and workshops to suit people of all ages and at all stages of their yoga journey. Choose from our group yoga classes for both children and adults, intensive yoga workshops or our private yoga sessions.


Group yoga classes

With classes for both children and adults, our group classes are perfect for yogis of all abilities.


Yoga Workshops

Looking to immerse yourself in your yoga practice? Then why not sign up to one of our workshops?


Private yoga sessions

Book a one-on-one yoga class and enjoy the benefits of a practice tailored to your needs.



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Meet Tanya

Namaste, I’m Tanya.

I’m a mother, a wife, a visionary, a dancer and a creator. I’m a lover of poetry, Buddhist philosophy and dogs.

I’m also yoga and embodiment teacher and the founder of Seed Yoga. And I’m passionate about teaching girls and women the art of self-care and self-awareness through yoga.

Through my own personal struggles with addiction, disordered eating and depression I have experienced, first-hand, how the practices of yoga and meditation can guide and sustain people through dark times, and become a soothing balm and medicine.

And it is my hope that I can use these learnings to empower you to live a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life.