What does a private Session look like?

Group yoga or meditation classes aren’t for everyone. So if you’re a private person, or don’t see the exact class you feel you need on our class page, you may want to consider a private session. Held in our studio, Temple Retreat, in Pullenvale or in the privacy of your home, Tanya will put together a personal practice that perfectly suits your individual needs.

Your session can include:

- Yoga
- Relaxation
- Meditation
- Guided visualisation
- Deep breathing exercises
- Yoga stretches to suit your body
- Coaching to help guide you in the right direction.

Our team are here to support you, whatever your journey is.

I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy but the closer the birth came, the more my angst grew...I realised I was anxious about potentially losing my baby. From the get-go Tanya oozed love and warmth. Our one-on-one sessions together were profound and most definitely what I needed. During the birth, I was able to draw from my meditation sessions with Tanya. On June 28th I birthed a perfectly healthy boy....without any intervention.
— Mandy, Private coaching participant

Book a session

Thursdays have been set aside for private yoga and meditation sessions at the Seed Yoga. You can book in and pay for any of these classes by clicking on an available session in the timetable. Tanya will then be in touch to discuss your session goals.

If you would like to arrange a private session on another day (either at Seed Yoga or at your home), please:

  1. Click the ‘Private session enquiry’ button below (which will open a contact form)

  2. Fill out the form with your preferred date and time and click ‘Submit’

  3. Purchase a private session credits using the buttons below

  4. Tanya will then be in touch to confirm your booking and discuss your goals for the session


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